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The Pennington Community Police Forum and Community Watch has an active early warning system and communications facility in the form of different Whatsapp Groups whose members live in the same parts of the town. For example, there is a group consisting of residents of Cod Crescent, Dolphin Drive and Salmon Drive, and another consisting of people living In Umdoni Road and Beefwood Road, and so on. If you wish to join the Whatsapp Group for your area of town, please use our contact form to send a message to the committee member responsible for co-ordinating the Whatsapp Groups.

Prerequisites for Joining a Whatsapp Group

First of all, what is "Whatsapp"? Whatsapp is a free messaging service provided by the Facebook Organisation. It enables people to use the Internet to send messages to other peoples' mobile phones. These people may be organised groups of individuals. The key feature of this service is that using it does not incur SMS charges or other cellular network fees, other than nominal data usage charges.

Because Whatsapp uses the Internet by means of a dedicated program or "App", only people with so-called "smartphones" or "tablets" may use the service. Unfortunately, owners of older models of cellphones are not able to join Whatsapp.

Examples of Whatsapp capable devices are:

  • Apple iPhones
  • Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy, Sony Experia,
  • Huawei, Asus, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, etc.)
  • Symbian Phones (Older Samsung, Motorola, Nokia,
  • Sony-Ericsson models)
  • Blackberry Phones
  • Windows Phones (New Nokia Phones)

If you are not sure whether your phone works with Whatsapp, contact us via our contact form, specifying the make and model of your telephone.

For more information about Whatsapp, see their website.

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