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Pennington is located in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) on the South Coast of South Africa. Pennington has its own beautiful beach stretching between Kelso and Sezela , and consists mostly of residential houses. Pennington consists of a central shopping center near the beach and other small business locations. The Pennington region boasts a peaceful tranquility and pleasant serene atmosphere that gives Pennington its unique character. Pennington has long been considered a safe and peaceful town and criminal activity is minimal, however, crimes do take place periodically. Pennington does not have its own police station, due to its relatively low population and size, however, Scottburgh Police Station does serve the Pennington region. The Pennington Community Watch is actively maintaining a crime fighting presence in Pennington, by means of using some of the funds collected from members to facilitate regular Police patrols by reservists affiliated to Scottburgh Police Station, as well as the provision of CCTV cameras at the main entrances to the town. These initiatives have helped to reduce the crime rate in Pennington.

During the holiday seasons, Pennington becomes vibrant with activity and security issues may arise, however, most of the year cycle leaves the local residence with a peaceful and serene environment. Residents of Pennington have relatively low levels of stressful activity, and with the warm coastal climate and beautiful beaches, the town is also a favorite location for many holiday makers from further inland regions of South Africa. A railway line runs from Durban and passes between the beach and Pennington, however this is no longer used for passenger trains, as the passenger trains from Durban only go as far as Kelso. Infrequent goods trains pass via the railway line. The N2 highway extends from Durban going south, and vehicles traveling to Pennington either approach Pennington from Park Rynie near Scottburgh or from the South side of the N2 near Sezela. For this reason Pennington is huddled away in an isolated location, making it a relatively safe location for people residing there.

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